Caring for our local schools
We’re excited for the opportunity to collectively award over $7,600 to local schools in December! We’ll be announcing the final results next week from last month’s community vote. In the meantime, you can read about the five finalists below.

Donations made possible by Members of The Cares Alliance. 


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Brushy Creek Elementary - Outdoor Classroom & Garden
Brushy Creek Elementary needs funds to build an outdoor classroom with an updated garden. Our school building is old with a large portion of our students in 40-year-old trailers. Our outdoor area is very uninspiring. We believe building an outdoor classroom will not only improve the beauty of the campus and the community but will allow our students to develop an interest in science and math through connecting with nature. Teachers can use experiential teaching methodologies to engage students with active, hands-on, inquiry-based learning in a real-world setting. By engaging the senses of touch, smell, hearing, taste and seeing, students retain a physical memory of activities that are long-lasting. Outdoor classrooms blur the boundaries between academic learning and creative play. When a teacher asks who wants to go outside, every hand is raised. It makes learning fun! The Outdoor Classroom is a reminder that innovation is alive and well in public education.

Much of the planning has been done for this project by the PTA but fundraising has been challenging with so many people donating to hurricane victims. We could really use your help!

C. D. Fulkes Middle School - Learning Expeditions
C.D. Fulkes Middle School is a Title 1 Campus, with 70% of students receiving Free and Reduced lunch prices. We are piloting interdisciplinary problem-based learning units that include a learning expedition. Learning Expeditions will be strategically targeted field trips to engage students in critical experiences centered around questions of rights, responsibilities, and social justice. Our 8th grade team is taking an expedition to participate in the Blanton Art Museum’s Social Justice program to investigate art and stories related to immigration. We are developing our 6th and 7th grade expeditions. Funding support from The Cares Alliance will help ensure our students have access to learning experiences they may not otherwise have a chance to experience. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of our students!
Double File Trail Elementary - Library Renovations
Double File Trail is a loving and vibrant Title 1 school community on the East side of Round Rock. The library has recently undergone a much-needed furniture and paint renovation, however, funds have fallen short to finish the job appropriately. The carpet has not been replaced in over 20 years, and the story corner is not handicapped accessible. We are asking for funds to flatten the floor of the story corner (simply plywood built up with carpet overlay) and funds to replace the carpet. With those two safety and accessibility issues addressed, everyone will have equal access to all the great literacy activities at the library!
Fortis Academy - Computer & Athletic Equipment
Fortis Academy is a small Classical Christian school in Liberty Hill, Texas, with big dreams of providing an advanced education for our children in the context of a Christian worldview. Our needs include computer equipment for our coding classes we offer to students (C#/Python), basic athletic equipment for our sports teams, and lab equipment to strengthen our science program. To date, our school relies on donations/”hand-me-downs” from parents and the community to provide the students and teachers with the tools they require to learn and teach. If Fortis received this award it would be an immediate impact to the students and teachers of our school and greatly appreciated by everyone in the Fortis family.
Union Hill Elementary - UHE Snack Pantry
Union Hill Elementary started a food program several years ago called UHE Snack Pantry. Our goal is to provide daily snacks to at least 100 students in need. Our Snack Pantry has been made possible through the help of generous donations from our staff and greater Round Rock/ Austin community. Union Hill Elementary serves over 700 students in grades PK – 5th. We are a Title One campus with close to 75% of our students receiving free or reduced-price lunches. Additionally, our school serves over 25% of students considered English Language Learners, about 25% of students served in various Special Education programming, and some students experiencing homelessness. We began our Snack Pantry as a way to better meet the needs of some of our students who may not have the means to bring additional food from home to help them get through the long school day. Proper nourishment is vital to a child’s overall well being, learning potential, and health. In order to meet our goal of serving 100 students this school year, we are in need of collecting 17,000 non-perishable, individually wrapped snacks. Our goal is to raise $6,000, which will allow us to provide enough snacks for the 100 identified students for the school year. Thank you for your time and consideration.

More About Community Voting Initiatives

The Cares Alliance was founded to bless others while building needs awareness and a safe opportunity for the community to give back as well. We want to be a force for good in the world, serving others and bringing the community together to help those in need. To achieve these goals, we regularly hold Community Voting Initiatives (CVI) during which we solicit nominations and voting participation from the community.

Each CVI is focused on a different vital sector of the community, including:

    • charities, non-profits, churches and mission groups
    • individuals and families in need
    • local schools

How The Cares Alliance Community Voting Initiative (CVI) Works:

  1. A new CVI is announced and nominations are taken from the community through online submission for a 3-week period.
  2. The Cares Alliance Board votes and selects 3 to 5 finalists (dependent on total donation funds available) from community nominations based on need, stories/background, and the community impact per that period’s CVI.
  3. Online voting is open to the community for the entire following month and promoted through social and traditional media channels. Voters must vote only once and for one finalist but are encouraged to rally friends and family for the cause/recipient they wish to receive the largest portion of the donations.
  4. A check presentation ceremony is held a few weeks after voting closes, where each nominee receives a portion of the funds allocated for that period’s CVI (currently $7,600) and based on their final ranking. The first place recipient receives the largest portion and so on…
  5. A new set of nominees is collected for the next announced CVI.