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About RJF Team Cares

RJF Team Cares is a founding member of The Cares Alliance, a 501c3 charity serving Central Texas. Our heartbeat is to pour back into our community to make it a better place by helping those in need. We provide financial donations to charities, churches/missions, local schools, and individuals in need, while bringing awareness to the different needs of those families and organizations. We want to be a force of good that highlights needs and provides opportunities to support those needs within our community.

The Robert J Fischer Team (RJF Team) wants to join with the community to give back and to care for one another. As part of this mission, RJF Team Cares pledges to give cash donations to community-nominated recipients and based on the final rankings from the community voting initiative.Nomination periods are every other month with community votes held the following month after the conclusion of the nomination period.

RJF Team Cares wants to help uncover community needs, provide financial support, as well as serving as a secure conduit and platform for neighbors to help each other in ways big and small.

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The Cares Alliance Board of Directors

  • Robert J Fischer, Founder
  • Luke Hawthorne, Emerald Lawns Cares
  • Michelle Fischer
  • Ami Russell
  • Ryan Owens
  • Sherry Pendleton

Additional board members pending.