Kelsey Shipman


Inside Sales Manager


I’m normally the first person to speak with our clients. My main objective is to make sure they feel welcomed and find out how we can best serve them. I’m always wearing a smile. I love my job because we truly are a family here. I enjoy coming in to see all of my coworkers. Most of all, we are here to serve our clients.

I love being with my family, wherever we are. I’m the mom of three daughters: Shelby, Ciana, and Aleena. I have a dog named Gemma. My favorite family tradition is hunting the week of Thanksgiving, summer vacations and breakfast at the hotel during tournaments!

Fun Facts:

  • My phobias include heights, small spaces with a lot of people.
  • My parents are my biggest inspiration.
  • Two words that describe me: Bold Achiever.

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