Tess Sellers

Tess Sellers, REALTOR®


Listing Manager


I believe in great communication, professionally and personally. I do everything I can to listen well, keep our clients informed and then fight for them to achieve their goals. I thrive on serving and seeing my clients happy. I love my job because I work with a team of like-minded professionals, each working in their own area of expertise and excellence. We call it “running with the horses.” We honor, respect and enjoy each other.

My favorite part of the work is the process of negotiating. It’s a lot like putting a puzzle together. I love seeing a picture come into focus and watching clients achieve their goals. I’m an expert at residential listings and feel like negotiating is an area I thrive at. Previous to this, I was a director for a non-profit and on-staff for several different churches.

Fun Facts:

  • If I weren’t doing real estate, I would be writing a book or working in a ministry.
  • I can play the flute!
  • I’m afraid of worms.
  • But, I am a book work. I’m typically reading three to five books at a time.

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