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Round Rock Home Valuation to Sell Your Home

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We are blessed to be within the 1% of the real estate industry and sell over 200 homes a year. We pride ourselves in being local experts, so that we can best serve all our clients throughout Austin, Round Rock and the Central Texas area.  A property valuation or home valuation helps you form an opinion of the value of your house.  If you would like additional information about how we can help sell your property or would like to know what your house could be worth in the current market, submit the valuation form below or call us at 512.537.4977.  Let Robert J Fischer and his team of specialists serve you!

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What is Included in a Home and Property Valuation?

As part of the process, rates, the size of the land and infrastructure is detailed as are the physical elements of the conditions of the house.  Any problems that may be found with the building will be documented. Notes on other properties for sale in the area will be taken into consideration for comparative purposes.

If you’re not sure when you’ll need to have a home valuation, you’re not alone. Some reasons you may need to get your property value will be when lending institutions finance a property,for a bank to verify that the security value of a home covers the loan in getting a mortgage or refinancing. And of course, a home valuation is necessary when you are selling your Round Rock home, but before you make an offer.