Selling Your Home with the RJF Team


Deciding to list your home for sale is an extremely big deal.  Your house is one of your largest assets and it is too risky to leave it to chance to make sure you are taken care of properly, get the most for your home, and close within your time frame.  The Robert J Fischer Team at Keller Williams believes that what we stand for is just as important as what we sell.  Our entire team reflects and represents these core values of a Servant’s Heart, Integrity, People, and Passion.

Robert counts it a great blessing to be the #1 agent in the area by selling over 200 homes a year when most Realtors only sell on average, 8 homes a year.  We sell more homes and maintain higher customer satisfaction ratings because we walk with our clients step by step through the entire experience.

The listing processes and procedures are tremendous.  There are 152 tasks that must be done for every listing.  Imagine a single agent trying to do all of these 152 tasks by himself.  Now imagine an agent trying to do this with 3 or 4 clients at once.  On the Robert J Fischer team you get extreme personal service by hiring over 10 full time people for the price of one, all working together to get top dollar for your home by making sure no detail is overlooked!

Think about it.  If you hire one single agent, what happens to the marketing of your home if that person gets sick?  If someone in their family gets sick?  Or they go on a vacation or are just having a bad day?   Do not ever let the marketing and communication of your home stop.  It is too important and too big of an asset to leave to chance.

We are one of the few agencies around the entire country that have a true full time marketing department advertising our listing every day and a true dedicated inside sales force working every day to find buyers for our listings. HIRE the Robert J Fischer team, specialists working together to sell your home and take care of you every step of the way,  with no down time on marketing and communication on your home.

After all, selling your home is about you, your goals and dreams.  We spend time listening to you to make sure all of your needs and expectations are met.

What else makes the Robert J Fischer unique and different than the competition? We have:

  • A Full time marketing department
  • A Full time Inside sales department
  • A Full time dedicated closing manager
  • Listings on over 350 websites
  • A true designer consultant
  • The area’s best photography
  • Product placement and trigger point marketing
  • The benefit of Buyer Agents who love showing our listings
  • Top notch negotiations
  • The Largest National network of agents
  • Advertising and marketing expertise
  • The Largest local buyer pool which local sellers love

We do all of this and so much more which is why we sell more homes for more money faster than most.  We have a true advertising and marketing background and experienced marketing experts are a rare find in the real estate industry. We are so aggressive with our marketing that while we actually make a lot less money on every listing sold, our sellers net more. We sell more homes and get more referrals than anyone else by serving our clients’ needs every day. Our team shares in the commission so we are all motivated to get your home sold and serve you to the best of our ability. We are your top choice because we have built a team of experts.

It is our goal to be the perfect fit for you in order to make sure your largest assets (your family and your home) are taken care of and you owe it to yourself to be 110% confident in our professionalism, aggressive marketing, and best in class customer service before, during, and after the sale of your house.

CALL us, HIRE us, we’d love the opportunity to SERVE you and your family. We WILL sell your home.

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