Secrets to Staging Your Home: The 3, 4, 5 of Staging

Staging Your Home - Front Yard

Your home will be judged by its curb appeal before potential buyers walk through the door

The best way to sell your home is to price it right, market it right with the right Realtor®, have professional photography, and stage the home. In a buyer’s market, the above should not even be an option in a seller’s head. Doing all this will help sell your home, get the most for your home, and get it sold faster.

Staging Your Home - Master Bath

The Master Bathroom is one of the 4 main areas that sell your home.

Staging is a huge aspect of selling your home as the average staged home sells for 6.7% more than a non-staged home. Just think of it like selling your car. If you were going to sell your car, most of us would wash and detail both the inside and the outside to make it look the best it can and that is an asset probably 5 to 15 times less in value than your home, and also never appreciates.  You could be losing A LOT of money on your home if you decide not to stage it top notch.

Let’s first start off with the 3, 4, 5 of staging a home. Even though we’re in a seller’s market, buyers are pickier then ever, expect more, expect a deal in terms of price, and do not have an imagination to see through our stuff and personal décor. There is a reason why builders spend tens of thousands of dollars decorating and staging their model homes to perfection. So the best advice is to put your personal taste and ego aside and stage your home to sell to get the best overall value out of your home.

The 3 Subliminal Items
to Staging Your Home

Staging Your Home - Declutter Space - Pine Needle Home

Declutter children’s rooms by removing extra toys from view.

Staging Your Home - Natural Light - Snead Path Home

Keep the blinds open for showings to increase nature sunlight into the house.


must smell clean, fresh and/or new
Make sure there are no pet smells, baby smells, or food smells in the house. A clean smell or new smell or freshly baked goods smell works best. A clean house and good plug-ins can really make a difference.


less is more
Take out as much furniture, knick knacks, and personal pictures/diplomas as possible. All rooms should look as big as possible, walls should be slightly decorated, but not too much, and buyers should be able to imagine their items (not yours) in the home.


the more natural light the better
The more natural light in your home the better. I recommend to all my Clients to take off their screens and store them somewhere safe. Open up the blinds on the windows that do not have something negative on the outside like a close neighbor. And have all the light bulbs in and at the highest watt each fixture will allow or try natural light bulbs.

4 Main Areas
to Staging Your Home

Staging Your Home - Master Bedroom - Windsor Castle

Maximize space by removing unnecessary furniture from the master suite to emphasize spaciousness.

Staging Your Home - Backyard/Patio - Reggie Jackson

You don’t need a fancy outdoor kitchen or extended patio to create an inviting atmosphere in your backyard.

Curb Appeal

There are a lot of things you can do for curb appeal. Paint or stain the front door, pot of flowers by front door or door mat, take out or trim down any bushes that might be covering up the house, plant flowers, brick or stone flower beds, paint or power wash the home, power wash the drive, trim trees, green grass and trimmed/mowed carefully, fresh mulch, etc.


The kitchen is a big selling point so a lot of people put a lot of time and money into it.  Buyers look at appliances that stay with the home, counter tops, back splash, cabinets, lighting, and where it sits in the home.

Master Bed / Master Bath

The master bedroom needs to look large and feel like a retreat as the master bath needs to feel like a spa. Being able to feel the size of the closet is huge as well, so two fingers between every hanger, no storage items in there, and make sure you double or triple stack the closet shelving to make small closets feel larger.


Make the back yard feel like a getaway and again as big as possible. Privacy is huge and it’s always my
recommendation to my buyers to plant trees and bushes in the back yard as soon as they move in to
create privacy and resale value. Any kind of garden or design may help as well.

5 Main Upgrades
to Staging Your Home

Staging Your Home - Neutral Paint - San Fernando

Neutral paint makes it easier for buyers to imagine their own interior decorating styles.

Staging Your Home - Wood Floors - Kempwood

Wood and tile floors are hugely popular right now with most buyers preferring either to carpet, especially in high traffic rooms.


updating on most homes is well worth it

Counter Tops



completely changes the buyer’s perception of the home




the best neutral paint in our market today is a taupe color

The upgrades speak for themselves, which can also be used as a list to see where you stand compared to the competition.

The last thing I’d like to mention is don’t forget to “set the mood”. You can do this by playing music in the background, have candy or chocolate to eat, and bottled water or sodas to drink. It is all about setting the stage or the atmosphere. Heck, set your dining room table, have a fake or fresh bowl of fruit in the kitchen, and have a tray in your master bedroom with two fake Champagne glasses and a bottle on it. I heard a statistic that 90% or more of homes are not staged. And the homes that are selling for the most value and quickest amount of time are those homes in the top 10%. You are losing thousands of dollars if you don’t invest in the time and money to properly stage your home.



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