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Through membership in The Cares Alliance, the Robert J Fischer Team has partnered with Emerald Lawns (and invite other corporate partners to join) to bless others while creating awareness and a safe opportunity for the community to give back. We want to be a force for good in the world, encouraging our community to seek, recognize, and help those in need.

We are excited to present you with this month’s Community Voting Initiative in support of local schools.

The five schools below care for and serve local students in various and valuable ways. While all are deserving, we need you to vote for the one finalist that you want to receive the largest donation from The Cares Alliance. We’ll be giving away $9,000 divided among the nominees, with percentages based on their final voting rank. The donation checks will be presented to each in May.

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Camacho Elementary School
We are Christine Camacho Elementary located in the heart of Leander, Texas. Camacho opened its doors as a STEM school to approximately 600 students in the fall of 2015. We integrate science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in EVERY classroom. Our goal is to teach our students to problem solve through hands-on learning opportunities. By doing so, we consistently practice the Four C’s: collaboration, critical thinking, communication, and creativity. Our reading instruction also incorporates these STEM strategies and topic areas.
The need for more non-fiction material is critical in order to help our students make connections across all areas of the curriculum. Many times students fall in love with a STEM career/topic simply through the art of reading. Camacho is a Title 1 school with about 775 students. Title 1 campus eligibility is determined by the percentage of students receiving free or reduced-price meals. As our school grows, we continue to offer students more opportunities to be creative, innovative, independent, and tech savvy! However, with growth comes the need for more resources.
We (Amy Eckert, Staci Horony, Kristen Jones and Lis Shanks) are the reading specialists here at Camacho Elementary. We see the need for more non-fiction guided reading book sets for teachers to use daily in the classroom. These guided reading book sets will benefit K-5th graders. These books are sent home daily for reading practice. Most of the time, books are returned to school, but many times books are damaged or lost. However, we do strongly feel that our students need to continue taking home a book each day. They are excited each time they get a new book, therefore we want to keep that love of reading alive. Presently, we have many incomplete book sets. These sets need to be replaced but funding is difficult. Most parents at our school cannot pay for lost and/or damaged books. Therefore, this burden lies solely on our small school budget.
With your financial support, STEM books will be ordered and incomplete sets will be replenished so that effective guided reading lessons can take place in the classroom and our STEM initiative can be connected at home as well. Parents have a huge impact on their child’s learning. Encouraging questioning and embracing their child’s curiosity could be the drive to solving important issues. As our students continue to take their love of reading home, parents become the links to enrichment opportunities for their children and their future.
E3 Christian Academy
E3 Christian Academy is a school whose goal is to provide quality Christian education to those families who would not otherwise be able to afford it.
We recognize the value of a school being centered around the Word of God whose truths are timeless. In Scripture, it says that true religion is to take care of the widows and the orphans. In offering affordable education to many single-parent households, we believe we are in step with that dictate. We also believe it is important to be mastery based so that no child gets left behind or pushed forward before academically ready. It is vital we meet these children where they are academically and help them achieve success at their individual levels. We want to aid them in being prepared for college or for the workforce, depending on their personal goals.
Lastly, we desire to provide an education that goes beyond these school walls. We have physically helped people clean up their yard in our community, served in the local Food Bank, visited nursing homes, worked in the local Soup Kitchen as well as minister to missionaries in Mexico. It requires funds to enable those who cannot afford a private education to benefit from our programs that help them see beyond themselves. We would use this money to enable us to purchase more tools to aid our students in the areas of math and science, but also it would open more doors for us to reach out to the world beyond our current abilities to do so.
Emerson Academy
Emerson Academy, a program of the Emerson Foundation, is Williamson County’s sole provider of early education for children with and without disabilities.
Since opening in October of 2007, Emerson has experienced a dramatic increase in children who are in foster care, who may or may not have disabilities related to prematurity, drug/alcohol exposure, and lack of prenatal care, as well as children with Neurodevelopmental disorders such as Autism. Approximately 40% of the children enrolled at Emerson Academy have disabilities, and 25% are in foster care. Children with disabilities attending Emerson Academy often receive therapy services (speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy and play therapy) during the day while their parents/guardians are at work. These children would benefit greatly from a designated room for therapists to work with them.
Donations received will be used to build a therapeutic sensory room with materials and activities geared towards children of all ages and abilities. A Sensory Room is a specially designed space which combines a range of stimuli (lights, colors, sounds, sensory soft play objects and aromas) to help individuals develop and engage their senses. Emerson Academy’s sensory room will incorporate soft furniture, fiber optic lighting, fine motor activities, sensory tables, calming music, and lights. Community support allows our program to continue to serve children who would not otherwise have access to high-quality early education.
Kingdom Heights Christian School & Covenant Christian Academy
Kingdom Heights Christian School (grades PK – 7) and Covenant Christian Academy (grades 8 – 12) are operational small-school models for the developing Covenant Community Schools (CCS) system. CCS is a faith-based system unlike others in that within its purpose it reaches out to middle and lower income families with a needs-based scholarship program based upon parents’ ability to pay. Also, as a faith-based organization, it remains nondenominational, making CCS a great place for kids from just about any Christian family to attend.
As a growing organization, CCS needs funding for its scholarship program, professional development initiatives, and benefit packages for its staff. Our goals for the future are to continue unlimited growth, study and implement research best practices, and train new staff to launch new schools as they network with churches and other civic organizations in their community. All these initiatives require funding beyond the means of the parents CCS serves and we covet your vote!
Stiles Middle School - Science Olympiads
Science Olympiad is a prestigious national STEM Competition, drawing competition in a wide variety of math, science and technology events from all 50 states (and even a few international teams!). Science Olympiad is a new venture to Stiles Middle School, and in this inaugural year, our team has surpassed all expectations, advancing to State level! We have been fully self-funded by parents (and coaches) in the lower levels of our competition, but as we advanced to higher levels, the funding needs have increased substantially.
We would use any funds awarded to achieve three main goals: 1) Assure family financial constraints do not prevent any individual student from participating. 2) Provide necessary materials and resources to team members to help them prepare at a high level. 3) Grow the Science Olympiad program, recruiting new members and spreading a love of STEM throughout the Stiles community.


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More About Community Voting Initiatives

The Cares Alliance was founded to bless others while building needs awareness and a safe opportunity for the community to give back as well. We want to be a force for good in the world, serving others and bringing the community together to help those in need. To achieve these goals, we regularly hold Community Voting Initiatives (CVI) during which we solicit nominations and voting participation from the community.

Each CVI is focused on a different vital sector of the community, including:

    • charities, non-profits, churches and mission groups
    • individuals and families in need
    • local schools

How The Cares Alliance Community Voting Initiative (CVI) Works:

  1. A new CVI is announced and nominations are taken from the community through online submission for a 3-week period.
  2. The Cares Alliance Board votes and selects 3 to 5 finalists (dependent on total donation funds available) from community nominations based on need, stories/background, and the community impact per that period’s CVI.
  3. Online voting is open to the community for the entire following month and promoted through social and traditional media channels. Voters must vote only once and for one finalist but are encouraged to rally friends and family for the cause/recipient they wish to receive the largest portion of the donations.
  4. A check presentation ceremony is held a few weeks after voting closes, where each nominee receives a portion of the funds allocated for that period’s CVI (currently $9,000) and based on their final ranking. The first place recipient receives the largest portion and so on…
  5. A new set of nominees is collected for the next announced CVI.