RJF Team Cares is the Founding Member of The Cares Alliance


Giving Back Makes Community Stronger

Through membership in The Cares Alliance, the Robert J Fischer Team has partnered with Emerald Lawns (and invite other corporate partners to join) to bless others while creating awareness and a safe opportunity for the community to give back. We want to be a force for good in the world, encouraging our community to seek, recognize, and help those in need.


We are glad to support this month’s Community Vote for individuals and families facing various financial hardships.

While all are deserving, we need you to read each finalist’s story and vote by December 18 for the one finalist that you want to receive the largest donation from The Cares Alliance. We’ll be giving away over $9,000 divided among the finalists, with percentages based on their final voting rank. The donation checks will be presented to each before Christmas. We also welcome you to make additional donations if you feel led to do so. 


Donations made possible by Members of The Cares Alliance: 


More About Community Voting Initiatives

The Cares Alliance was founded to bless others while building needs awareness and a safe opportunity for the community to give back as well. We want to be a force for good in the world, serving others and bringing the community together to help those in need. To achieve these goals, we regularly hold Community Voting Initiatives (CVI) during which we solicit nominations and voting participation from the community.

Each CVI is focused on a different vital sector of the community, including:

    • charities, non-profits, churches and mission groups
    • individuals and families in need
    • local schools

How The Cares Alliance Community Voting Initiative (CVI) Works:

  1. A new CVI is announced and nominations are taken from the community through online submission for a ~3-week period.
  2. The Cares Alliance Board votes and selects several finalists from community nominations based on need, stories/background, and the community impact per that period’s CVI.
  3. Online voting is open to the community for the entire following month (except in December when a shorter voting period makes it possible to award donations in advance of Christmas). The community vote is promoted through social and traditional media channels. Voters must vote only once and for one finalist but are encouraged to rally friends and family for the cause/recipient they wish to receive the largest portion of the donations.
  4. A check presentation ceremony is held a few weeks after voting closes, where each nominee receives a portion of the funds allocated for that period’s CVI (currently $9,000) and based on their final ranking. The first place recipient receives the largest portion and so on…
  5. A new set of nominees is collected for the next announced CVI.

Visit the online home of TheCaresAlliance.org