Giving Back Makes Community Stronger

Through membership in The Cares Alliance, the Robert J Fischer Team has partnered with Emerald Lawns (and invite other corporate partners to join) to bless others while creating awareness and a safe opportunity for the community to give back. We want to be a force for good in the world, encouraging our community to seek, recognize, and help those in need.

We are excited to present you with this month’s Community Voting Initiative in support of local schools.

While all are deserving, we need you to vote for the one finalist that you want to receive the largest donation from The Cares Alliance. We’ll be giving away $9,000 divided among the five finalists, with percentages based on their final voting rank. The donation checks will be presented to each in November.

We encourage you to read about each finalist to help spread awareness of the wonderful services and community impact each offer.

Donations made possible by Members of The Cares Alliance: 


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Dearing Elementary School

We at Dearing Elementary pride ourselves in creating a tight-knit community between our staff, students and each of their families. When Dearing was built less than 5 years ago we had an audacious goal of being able to offer Friday enrichments. These Friday morning enrichments came to consist of dance, cheer, basketball, gardening, robotics, math pentathlon, yoga, music, art, readers theater, puppetry, and computer science; just to name a few. With this common school goal, we are looking to broaden the horizons of our students and showcase that there are multiple avenues to enhance their academic experience. 

By being granted a share of your donation we would be using the funds to expand our enrichment dream by integrating more STEM and into our growing program. We believe that if teachers, parents, and students work together students will grow academically and develop the confidence to be leaders in our community. An example of how our grant would be used would include providing on-site educational science field trips utilizing the Texas Museum of Science and Technology (TMST). They provide on-site field trips to engage students in inquiry-based science activities including paleontology and earth sciences, astronomy and physics, or engineering. Having TMST on site will lead us towards our dream of having students being able to interact with STEM instead of reading about it in their studies. 

We thank you so much for this opportunity and hope you will be as excited as we are to grow our students’ confidence!

Decker Middle School

As of last year, at Decker Middle School, 72.9% of students were considered at risk of dropping out of school.  76% of the children in this district come from economically disadvantaged homes. An average teacher’s salary was $46,817, which is $5,708 less than the Texas state average. Many students are not able to bring school supplies. Many kind Decker teachers pay for student needs out of their own pocket.

Items most needed are lined notebook paper, wide-ruled notebooks, binders, mini whiteboards, whiteboard markers, erasers, copy paper, sticky notes, pens and pencils, compasses, graph paper, tissues, hand sanitizer, soap, paper towels, glue sticks, art pencils and paint, art paper, and easels. Because of hunger issues, we would love to be funded for small, healthy snack prizes. Also, any prize, such as stickers, can be highly motivating! This nomination is for a small grant to pay for these supplies for Decker teachers. 

The Joule School

These badly needed funds would be used to replace broken electronics, purchase supplies, and teaching aids, and expand the community outreach opportunities of Joule. For example, Joule is the only school that has been invited to operate at The Nameless School (restored 1800’s schoolhouse in Jonestown), in order to explore the dynamic of the one-room schoolhouse method of teaching and learning. Our Headmistress regularly expands her education of gifted children, most recently completing the Harvard Certificate in Leading Change in Education, and holds the distinction of being the Hill Country Mensa Children’s Program Director, regularly implementing activities for profoundly gifted children to interact among their peers.  

The Joule School is a private micro-school for gifted children in Cedar Park, Texas. The school is staffed by warm and dedicated teachers who understand the unique emotional and academic needs of gifted children. We offer kindergarten through 8th grade in a completely hands-on learning environment. The school follows a unique interdisciplinary curriculum with a strong emphasis on world cultures and global citizenship. Students are able to build working Roman chariots, practice blacksmithing, publish novels, or learn to sew at Joule, as well as attend academic classes at their level of ability rather than their age. As a school with an eye on the future, we also integrate computer literacy, programming, and foreign language into our program.    

Joule exists to deliver a responsive education: to recognize what a child needs and give it to them. It’s not easy, of course. There are things we must do, such as limit class sizes and buy buckets and buckets of clay, yarn, and cheese graters. However, it’s worth it! Learning is supposed to be fun, supposed to be engaging and exciting. There are so many parents who’ve told me that their kids don’t want to go on summer break – they’d rather be in school. That’s what education is all about, the joy of discovery, and it’s joy that we capture here at Joule.

Stony Point High School: Project Graduation

Stony Point Project Graduation is a 501c3 organization dedicated to providing a safe, drug and alcoholfree celebration to our Stony Point High School graduating class. Our campus is an AP/IB World school with a 98% graduation rate and a diverse population

We are staffed by parent volunteers, administrators and; most importantly, our students who help plan, implement and work at our fundraising, planning and community events. Our Mission is to keep our students and community safe during this celebration season! This donation would help us meet our goals. 

We are 100% funded by donations and fundraising. While our focus is on raising funds for this event we use door prizes as an added incentive to celebrate with us in a safe manner. 

We are also giving back to our campus and community by hosting yard sales in conjunction with Easter Seals and selling socks that give us new socks for a charity of our choice. Our Campus Care Clawset will benefit from this sale this year and we hope to establish some other give back programs that will get the word out about our efforts and hard work.

Thank you so much for the honor of being selected to participate in your program this year. 

Union Hill Elementary: Snack Pantry
Union Hill Elementary started a food program several years ago called UHE Snack Pantry. Our goal is to provide daily snacks to at least 100 students in need. Our Snack Pantry has been made possible through the help of generous donations from our staff and greater Round Rock/Austin community.
Union Hill Elementary serves over 700 students in grades PK – 5th. We are a Title One campus with about 75% of our students receiving free or reduced-price lunches. Additionally, our school serves over 25% of students considered English Language Learners, about 25% of students served in various Special Education programming, and some students experiencing homelessness.
We began our Snack Pantry as a way to better meet the needs of some of our students who may not have the means to bring additional food from home to help them get through the long school day. Proper nourishment is vital in a children’s overall well being, learning potential, and health.
In order to meet our goal of serving 100 students this school year, we are in need of collecting 17,000 non-perishable, individually wrapped snacks @35¢/per snack. Our goal is to raise $7,000, but any donations to help us towards reaching our goal are greatly appreciated.


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  • The Joule School
  • Stony Point HS: Project Graduation
  • Union Hill Elementary School: Snack Pantry
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More About Community Voting Initiatives

The Cares Alliance was founded to bless others while building needs awareness and a safe opportunity for the community to give back as well. We want to be a force for good in the world, serving others and bringing the community together to help those in need. To achieve these goals, we regularly hold Community Voting Initiatives (CVI) during which we solicit nominations and voting participation from the community.

Each CVI is focused on a different vital sector of the community, including:

    • charities, non-profits, churches and mission groups
    • individuals and families in need
    • local schools

How The Cares Alliance Community Voting Initiative (CVI) Works:

  1. A new CVI is announced and nominations are taken from the community through online submission for a 3-week period.
  2. The Cares Alliance Board votes and selects 3 to 5 finalists (dependent on total donation funds available) from community nominations based on need, stories/background, and the community impact per that period’s CVI.
  3. Online voting is open to the community for the entire following month and promoted through social and traditional media channels. Voters must vote only once and for one finalist but are encouraged to rally friends and family for the cause/recipient they wish to receive the largest portion of the donations.
  4. A check presentation ceremony is held a few weeks after voting closes, where each nominee receives a portion of the funds allocated for that period’s CVI (currently $9,000) and based on their final ranking. The first place recipient receives the largest portion and so on…
  5. A new set of nominees is collected for the next announced CVI.